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Passin Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016
Happy birthday
Passin Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015
Happy birthday. Here's to another year of standing up for what's right.
Passin Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Happy birthday. Keep standing up for what's right.
Passin Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
Happy birthday
tyronmcd Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
you make big statements and stand up for what you believe
that to me is what many people lack today
you have my full respect
sam1r1 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I come across to your page and see that you have made loots of false accusations to Muslims and Islam religion,if you have little intellect and psychic health,better speak and make ,,artworks,, about your sickness and don't ,,mix,, Islam with Lesbian and Gay sicknesses ,because loots of people know that Islam is pure from such lies,and people of your kind are just ,,FAKE MUSLIM..
You are just misguiding people, definitively christians and jews,but never real Muslims!
i know i just loose my time here...
because bad is bad-apple!
Passin Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
Homosexuality is not a sickness any more than being born with a different skin colour is (in other words, NOT AT ALL) Therefore, either God made them that way and therefore ACCEPTS homosexuality or he made them that way because he's morally bankrupt. Those are the logical conclusions. I'd choose the first one if I were you.
sam1r1 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
well i got to reply you
you should read book of Edmund bergler m.d. 
about homosexuality and maybe get a clue and cure about your mental disorder of doing Wrong acts in wrong places...
instead of doing the right act and things on RIGHT places and understand better your self and get a cure...even i hardly believe in that right now...
a part of his book

Perversion Homosexuality

Perversion homosexuality denotes genetically a stabilization on the unconscious defensive level: "I cannot be masochistically attached to Mother; I have nothing in common with her and am not even interested in a woman." He singles out the disappointing organ (breast or breast-equivalent), finds on his own body (in his penis) a replica of it, and throughout his life runs after the copy of the replica - the penis of the other man.

Secondarily, a "philosophy" is created by the homosexual to bolster his unconscious defense. He "approves": of his homosexuality because it camouflages well the facts he runs away from: those of oral-masochistic regression.

He cannot escape, though, other reverberations of that conflict: In his personality, he is the classical "injustice collector." Hence he constantly feels "unjustly treated."

Sometimes homosexuals assert that they are completely "happy," the only thing bothering them being the "unreasonable approach" of the environment. That is a convenient blind. There are no happy homosexuals; and there would not be, even if the outer world left them in peace. The reason is an internal one: Unconsciously they want to be disappointed, as does every adherent of the "mechanism of orality." A man who unconsciously runs after disappointment cannot be consciously happy. The amount of conflict, of jealousy for instance, between homosexuals surpasses everything known even in bad heterosexual relationships.

Imagine a baby wanting to prove that its mother is unjust; imagine further a pathologic mother wanting to harm and refuse the baby's demands - there one has in a nutshell the basic conflict of every homosexual relation. The homosexual is sick inwardly; and he shifts the blame, in a convenient process of displacement, to the evil outer world. In a roundabout way he gets once more, in this way, his chief diet: psychic masochism.

It takes a homosexual some time - usually until his late 'teens - to discover, and take cognizance of, his perversion. The period of fighting against conscious awareness of his defense mechanism - which he misunderstands as his final destiny - is, under typical conditions, concluded in the late 'teens, or at most, in the early twenties.

Applying these precepts, we can arrive at a genetic yardstick for the differential diagnosis: A male homosexual is a person who predominantly uses the unconsciously-based defense mechanism of man-man relationship to escape his repressed masochistic attachment to the mother - and who shows predominantly in his personality the mechanism of the "injustice collector." Only the combination of the two ingredients constitutes the homosexual.

Paradoxically the homosexual never "escapes mother" although his overdimensional inner fears push him into "another continent" in his frantic flight. His main character trait - "injustice collecting" - belongs genetically and historically to - mother. The penis of the partner for which he allegedly craves is a disguised breast or breast-equivalent of - mother. His quick "turnover" of partners is a pseudo-aggressive defense directed intrapsychically against - mother.

the link to whole text here...…

Passin Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
You are aware that Freudian stuff is generally regarded as bullocks by the scientific community, as is your claims. Try a CREDIBLE source next time, okay? Homosexuality has been shown in everything from fruit flies to cows and yes, even humans. Epic fail
(1 Reply)
MariaTenebre Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
First of all according to science and psychology homosexuality is not a sickness. Homosexuality is a universal biological orientation found in all species as a means to prevent overpopulation. All major psychological organizations say it is not a sickness. However the fact that your prophet raped a 9 year old girl is sick and the fact that your prophet raped women and drank camel piss is sick.
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